Scuderia doesn’t consist of members, it consists of a “Squadra” (team), a family of exotic automotive enthusiasts and owners. The Squadra program is for participants whom have received the Squadra card. This entitles the card holder to be part of exclusive events and activities as well as a partnership program that the Scuderia team has created and continues to expand abroad. Experience Scuderia, be part of the Squadra program. 


If you are part of the Squadra program, your card entitles you to benefits not available to others. Use your Scuderia Squadra card at exclusive events and to receive special discounts and offers from partner stores (list coming soon).

Being part of the Squadra Program gives you access to:

  • Scuderia “Squadra” Card

  • Exclusive Invitations – Drives and Rallies

  • Special Pricing – Partner Stores

  • Driving Schools – Legendary Drivers

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Private Invitation-Only Events

  • New Car Presentations

  • Exclusive Perks at Annual Events

Contact us to find out more about our Squadra Program.