Scuderia was born out of the necessity for exotic car owners to enjoy their machines to the fullest while at the same time giving back to the community with a special focus on children. Since 2006 Scuderia has created high profile events that surpass expectations and truly give back. Today, Scuderia is one of the most active automotive “clubs” across the United States and brings to life events such as Lamborghini Festival as well as Coffee & Cars among others.


In its literal translation Scuderia means “team” in Italian, but to its founders, it means family. A family of carefully selected European exotic car owners who share the same vision. Scuderia members and founders strive to create unparalleled events and to help children, allowing Scuderia to bring together the most exclusive members with a continuous expansion throughout the country.





Throughout its events and networking, Scuderia has been helping hospitals and families since 2006. Families in need of financial help due to their child’s illness. Scuderia, on average donates approximately $50,000 annually and is focused on reaching an annual donation goal of $150,000 by 2017. In the past years, Scuderia has donated to hospitals and in 2014, the team shifted its focus to helping families directly. Through this effort, in 2014 Scuderia was able to donate to Bennett’s Bears and Max “Moosie” Westmoreland. In 2015 Scuderia once again provided help to Bennett’s Bears, participated in the Bennett’s Bears delivery and helped Hannah, a 1 year old young warrior currently battling cancer. 

Scuderia will continue to help families and children directly for the life of the project and even at a personal level through its members. In 2016 Scuderia will also get involved with helping young children in need to receive the education that they deserve.


What makes Scuderia so unique is its diversity and reach. Scuderia welcomes all exotic car brands including but not limited to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani as well as American and Japanese exotics. Scuderia is always growing and is quickly expanding to other countries. We are driven by passion. 

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